Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Itsy Insects and Mini Sweasels

We at Horrible Adorables have been working on some very special mini mount designs!  Mini mounts are affordable and adorable pieces of art that come on a 5"x3.5" wooden plaque.  This season we are adding not one, but TWO new critters to our mini line!  The first are Mini Sweasels, which have a foxy look with their lemon shaped heads.  These cuties are a shrunken version of one of our most popular designs.  Our second mini to make it's debut are Itsy Insects.  The little buggers have wide staring eyes and can be made with fluffy moth antennae.. or not!  As with all of our other mini mounts, these creatures are completely customizable!  YOU choose the colors and style! 

Custom Mini Sweasel and Itsy Insect listings will be posted in our Etsy shop on MARCH 20th, the first official day of spring!  They will also be traveling with us as we hit the road and start craft fair season.  Dates and locations coming soon!!

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