Sunday, March 2, 2014

Darling Duds - Cat Dress

I purchased this dress a few weeks back when I was visiting Beacon for the Clutter group show.  My friend Sarah-Maria of the incredibly fun clothing line, Meerwiibli, opened a shop called The Tailored Mermaid right on Beacon's Main Street about a year ago. It is home to her line, as well as a curated selection of other local clothing designers (and a Horrible Adorables mount too!).  
This is my second Meerwiibli dress.  Both of them are top contenders for being my favorite article of clothing!  The designs are so special to wear, because you can just tell that so much thought went into every stitch.  There are special elements that are unique to each piece too.  I simply adore the geometric neckline of this dress, the swoop of the hemline and the ribbons that run down the back!  Not to mention, it has a Tammis Keefe illustrated cat print... big bonus points in my book!

dress: Meerwiibli /tights: HUE /boots: Urban Outfitters

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