Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Make Art That Sells - Week 5

Last week concluded the Make Art That Sells e-course that I've been spending so much time on over the last five weeks.  I'm feeling sad that it's over, but have a renewed sense of love in my art making!  The final project was a personal one.  We were instructed to take one of our personal collections and create a hyper-lush zipper pouch for the gift market.  I'm a girl who loves collecting and arranging my treasured objects into little groupings, so this project was right up my alley!  After some debate, I chose to illustrate my vintage taxidermy collection (and add in a couple pieces I don't have yet... but hope to, someday).  I knew going into it that this personal project was not going to be as marketable in subject matter, but since Lilla said to make something for us, that WE enjoyed... I decided to just go for it!  Who knows, there are some awesome boutique companies that take more risks, so maybe there is a chance that this taxidermy pouch may someday find it's way into stores.  I played around with a color palette that I don't usually use, but was good for me to step outside of my color comfort zone!  It gave me a fresh perspective on a favorite subject matter.
Looking forward to taking part in the second half of the course (MATS B) next spring!

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Jillian Evelyn said...

I love your subject matter, it feels fresh and playful! Great Job :) MATS flew by! are you in part b?