Thursday, January 30, 2014

Home Tour - Studio

My husband and I bought a sweet little house last summer.  We painted it top to bottom (no easy task when it's an open floor plan with walls that extend three stories), and converted the second floor to studio spaces.  This is the first edition in my home tour series.  Working from home, my studio is where I spend the majority of my day.  My goals for the space were for it to be bright, happy, inviting and organized!  At my last studio, it was especially hard to keep it organized and tidy, as I didn't have a closet space to stash all my junk.  Now I have a huge walk in closet to tuck away all my crafting essentials, that I don't necessarily want to keep on display.  I keep all my product on the walls and on pegboard to keep track of inventory and surround myself with the things I love to keep me inspired!  


Brean said...

swooning <3

Anonymous said...

Wooow, I envy you so much!
Have you got a little spare space for me?
I promise I won't lose hair, I won't poo and I won't be nasty! :-)
I love the things you do! Keep creating in your wonderful space!