Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Summer Designing

Here are a couple things I have been working on this summer!  

The journal image is from a design competition for the Lilla Rogers Studio global talent search.  I can't get into the nitty gritty because the details are top secret, but this project has been so much fun for me!  I've been focusing so much on my Horrible Adorable line that I haven't done as much pattern and illustration as I've been wanting.  Completing this project gave me a sense that the art licensing area is something I would really like to get into!  I've been reading Lilla's book "I Just Like to Make Things" while working through the project and it has been wonderful and inspiring!

Now that I have all this creative energy for my pattern designs, I made this ditsy cricket pattern for Spoonflower's weekly contest.  A ditsy pattern is a very small scattered arrangement of images (usually florals).  I think this would be darling printed on a blouse.  Pair it with a bold patterned skirt for the ultimate pattern clashing combo (which is a look I REALLY like, by the way)!

Lastly I have been focusing on cranking out my mini mount creature designs to stock up for upcoming shows, send to all my shops and save for the Christmas rush!  I've recently added two new critters to my line including Baby Sloths (awww..) and Bitty Beasties (eeek!).  I'm always taking custom orders and with a shipment of new felt on the way, can match some great colors to anything you can dream up!

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