Monday, January 19, 2015

Family Home Tour - Piper's Room

On the Horrible Adorables' blog, I try to give my readers an inside peek to the work we create and our processes.  However, I so rarely show finished work properly displayed in a room.  We get many requests to create custom works for children's rooms, and carefully coordinate the colors.  Most times, once a piece is sent out to a customer, I never see how it is integrated into the space.  Today, I'm going to give a little peek at a special Horrible Adorable that I made for my youngest niece, Piper, to match her vintage circus themed nursery.  I love the soft pinks, greys, and butter yellows mixed in with pops of a lively aqua color in her room.  My sister requested a whimsical elephant with a little heart over its eye.  I scalloped the ears and chose it's colors inspired by Piper's cute bedding details and hanging circus lantern.  As she grows older, I hope it's a piece she will continue to cherish, and is fitting enough to transfer over to her 'big girl room.  


Michelle L said...

Such a sweet playful room, lucky little girl :)

Benny Daniel said...

Piper must really love her room! Filling it with bright colors is a great way to keep her visually-enticed. And I'm sure her creativity will rise, as you add more stuff to her playful room. Kudos to you for designing it as adorable as possible. All the best!

Benny Daniel @ Finlay Brewer