Thursday, January 29, 2015

Family Home Tour - Avery's Room

I'm back with another home tour this week, and this time it's my crazy cute niece's toddler room.  Avery has a ton of personality and never stops moving (note the blurred jumping on the bed picture).  I created a custom Horrible Adorable for her before she was born, while my sister was choosing a 'strawberry patch' sort of inspiration for the nursery.  The aptly named 'Strawbeary Bear,' that was made to fit in with the decor of her old nursery, has in part influenced the color palette of her 'big girl room.' Touches of bold raspberry hues and juicy apple greens now fill the room.  I can't help but feel cheerful when I step into the space.  Her toys are placed within easy reach for little hands, but can also be packed away tidily when not in use.  I'm not just a little jealous of her pink bed... I'm totally envious!  I'm interested to see how the bear critter continues to transition with Avery's space as she continues to grow, and her room evolves!

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