Monday, April 7, 2014

Make Art That Sells - Week 1

Most of you only know me for the creature work I do for my 'Horrible Adorables' line.  What you may not know (though I post on and off about it) is that I also have a love for surface design.  I've been working as a freelancer for various toy and textile companies for the past five years.  Sometimes I make soft toy prototypes, sometimes repeat patterns that get molded into hard plastic... it really varies!  Something I would love to do is get more involved in the various design fields and license my art.  Maybe a line of Jordan Elise textiles are in my future???  
I was thrilled to find out about art agent extraordinaire, Lilla Rogers', online class "Make Art That Sells," and promptly signed up!  I've only been through my first week of the intensive five week course, but I'm already loving it!  Everyone is extremely encouraging and kind.  The environment sort of reminds me of my days as a fiber student, sitting around a table of ladies on major day, drinking chai tea and talking about feminism and how we can make the world a better place.  Yes, we were the free-spirited hippie types of our school ;)  
The first week was all about bolt fabric; something that comes a little more naturally to me.  Our subject of vintage kitchen ware with exotic fruits challenged me to move away from my normal cutesy critter designs (though as you can see in my name logo, I had to insert at least one silly beast).  I'm excited to learn more about how to immerse myself into the different industries, step outside of my comfort zone, and better understand my art style (something I struggle with from time to time).  FIngers crossed that this class can prepare me for exciting opportunities in the not so distant future!


Anna Luckey said...

How much was the course? I'd love to hear about it once it's all said and done and if you'd recommend it for others.

Jordan Elise said...

Hi Anna! Everything you need to know about the course is through this link:
I'm loving it so far!