Saturday, March 29, 2014


Cleveland, OH - 2008??                                                 Chicago, IL - 2013

New York, NY - 2013

Los Angeles, CA - 2012                                                   Las Vegas, NV - 2009

Beacon, NY - 2014 (got this guy signed by Ron English at an opening)

Philadelphia, PA - 2013

Baltimore, MD - 2013                                                Milwaukee, WI - 2013

I love designer toys, but my personal collection is pretty modest.  It consists of mostly small blind boxed figures.  With blind boxed toys, you take a chance of what you are getting... and usually don't end up with the one that you really wanted.  I love choosing just the right box out of the row of identical packages, gently squeezing the sides trying to predict what's inside, and pulling open the crinkly silver wrapper.  I love the surprise!  Even though most of them don't end up being what would be my first choice (or second), each one is special to me because I buy them as souvenirs!  A couple years ago I started buying one in each new city that I visited when I would come across a toy store.  When I look at my collection, I see all the places I've been!  I started purchasing them very sporadically at first (one here, one there), and regret not starting the souvenir hunt sooner... because I would have so many more items in my collection!  Oh well, I guess I had to start somewhere!  I have a bunch of trips planned this year.. some cities I've already been to, but a couple new places too.  I'm excited to add a few more silly toys to my group!

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