Thursday, July 7, 2011

Renegade Wrap Up

I know this is long overdue, but I finally have a chance to write about my crafty adventures in New York for last month's Renegade Craft Fair.  It was a wonderful show and well worth the trip to get there!  It rained like crazy the first day (what are the chances that this would happen at my two major craft fairs of the season???) but by the second, the sun was shining. The biggest crowd of craft lovers, of all ages, came out to enjoy the festivities.

Next year I will make sure to bring many more wall mounted creatures!  I nearly sold out and was getting nervous, halfway through the second day, that I didn't have enough!!  It's funny to see what the crowd is drawn to depending on the city you are showing in.  New Yorkers seemed to only want sculptures for their walls because there was not enough room in their apartments for the free-standing ones.  In fact, the only free-standing sculpture I sold during the fair was a little hedgehog to a fellow Clevelander!

My booth-mate Wooden Coasters had a pretty lovely display going on and I was excited to show my work alongside his!

I wish I got to walk around and enjoy the fair a bit more, but it's difficult to leave your booth during a show the size of Renegade!  Here are a few notable vendors whose booths I got to explore:

Josh Longo's creepy cute and overall super amazing plush monsters.

I was excited to see Worker B again!  We had done a show in Chicago last year and they make the most wonderful of wonderful products!  I picked up one of these scented lotions and it's just heavenly!

I ran into Mimi Kirchner in the elevator of the hotel we were staying at holding a giant ziploc bag of woolen fish!  I have admired the stunning detail she puts into her dolls through her online shop, and was so pleased to see her work in person!

Can't wait to do the show again next year!!

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