Monday, April 28, 2014

Make Art That Sells - Week 4

Just wrapped up week 4 of Make Art That Sells.  This past week, we focused on the Wall Art industry.  Our assignment was to create a collaged 'abstract' (with abstract taken loosely) piece of art, with text.  The color story was chosen through a list of given color pairings that coincided with our birth dates.  This was to narrow down our options and give us a focus.  Then, we began a scavenger hunt for found objects in our hues.  Clearly, my colors were orange and blue.  I didn't have to look far to gather a collection of interesting textures.  I have a bit of a hoarding obsession when it comes to vintage bits and bobs.  My biggest inspiration were from some old maps that I pulled from a school atlas that was falling apart.  I have an appreciation for maps, as my husband has amassed quite a collection of interesting ones from places that we've traveled to.  The maps I pulled gave me a sense of 'Wanderlust' and I decided to go with that feeling as a subject matter.  I just love traveling!  
I was quite intimidated by the 'abstract' part of the assignment.  Though I have formal art training... traditional abstract is not something I do well.  I'm just much more attracted to icons and more figurative imagery.  So, I added in the image of the explorer gal and gave her some over sized binoculars.  I couldn't help myself!  Though I'm unsure of whether the finished piece really fits in line with my normal style of art making, I like it!  There are so many techniques used in this piece (scanned textures, watercolors, vector art), that I think I can take away some aspects from it to inform future works.  
I also just came off a busy week, as I was in Cincinnati vending at Crafty Supermarket on Saturday.  It was a great show!  Another plus, was that it is probably the closest show we've ever done to home, so the drive and travel expenses were super reasonable.  Score!  I'm entering into another crazy couple of weeks, as Art Star Craft Bazaar is only a mere two weeks away.  I'm going to be a busy bee!

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