Monday, May 5, 2014

Wilderness at Auguste Clown Gallery

So thrilled to have my work included in Auguste Clown Gallery's group show 'Wilderness' running June 20th-July 7th.  You have to see the line up of participating artists... it's amazing!  These are the two pieces I'll have in the show.  They were both inspired by some Australian marsupials (the gallery is located in Melbourne, Australia).  
The first creature featured is a 'Pick Pocket.'  Saddened by her own drab coloring, this creature seeks out brightly colored babies and stuffs them in her pouch, stealing them away in the dead of night.  Not much is known on what she does with the babes after looting them, but skeptics believe that she takes them back to her nest and raises them as her own.  Though she would be an awful mother, always resenting her 'adopted' children's beauty.  The second is a 'Crowned Foxolotl.'  Not to be confused with ordinary 'Foxolotls,' each ear marks the status of her royal lineage.  She is the great-great-great-great-great grand daughter of the first ruling queen.  Unfortunately, the royal line ends with her, as she now resides upon a plaque.  

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