Saturday, May 18, 2013

Art Star Craft Bazaar 2013

My new display board filled with critters.  I had over 70 for this show!

Horrible Adorables littlest fan

Mini sloths made their debut at the fair

The view from my tent.. overcast, but just a small shower during tear-down

I was in booth #100

The Maple Ridge.  Just look at those guys with the bedazzled eyes!!!

Meerwiibli's cat dress that I have been coveting

Tadpole Creation's pirates.  Ahoy mateys!

Tadpole Creations... again!  I'm obsessed!

The Wind and the Sail.  Animals + fun patterns = a whole lotta cute

The Art Star Craft Bazaar took place over Mother's Day weekend and we at Horrible Adorables had a blast!  Despite a forecast predicting a 60% chance of thunderstorms all Saturday, the craft gods pulled through for us and it turned out to be gorgeous weather on both days! The gals at Art Star do such a great job organizing the show and it's fun to catch up with my crafty friends as well as meet some new folks.  My family always travels out to Philly to go to the show and turns it into a mini vacation.  This year was my niece's first time to Art Star and my sis dressed her up like a Horrible Adorable!  
My favorite vendors this year are shown in the photos above.  I always enjoy seeing what The Maple Ridge has to offer; Andrew has such a great sense of humor in his artwork!  I am also the proud new owner of the werewolf pawed couple (shown in the 6th image).  They are going to be on Chris' and my wedding cake!  Having our special day so close to Halloween, I think it will be very appropriate.  
It was also nice to catch up with Sarah-Maria from Meerwiibli.  Rumor has it that she is going to be opening up a shop in Beacon, NY called The Tailored Mermaid!  I was loving her cat printed dresses this year.  I bought a creature patterned dress from her last spring and it is not only beautiful but super comfy!  
I'm always drawn to the plush makers at any craft fair.  I loved the work of Tadpole Creations (I don't need to have a kid to buy some of these for myself... right?) and The Wind and the Sail.  So much color, pattern and cuteness going on, and hey, those are my favorite things!  This is the second year I have bought a plush animal from Laura at Wind and the Sail as a baby shower gift, but I'm thinking that the next one I purchase will be for myself!
For those of you that missed the show, keep an eye on the Art Star website or visit their boutique in person.  I dropped off about 20 new creatures, including lots of mini critters and some other cuties.  

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