Tuesday, January 22, 2013


I've been making my own faux taxidermy for quite awhile and though I love real taxidermy, I've never tried my hand at it.  A huge reason why I create 'Horrible Adorables' is because I'm a lover of all creatures big and small and also have ethical concerns about killing real animals.  Now, that doesn't mean I don't admire taxidermy.  I even own a handful of lovely pieces.  I just have a certain set of guidelines that I follow.  First is that I would never buy into the industry of hunting and trapping animals for the purpose of making taxidermy.  When buying a new piece of taxidermy it is important to me that the animal died naturally.  Second is that I don't feel badly about purchasing an old piece from an antique store.  Though the animal may have once hung as a trophy above a mantel, once it is neglected, covered with dust and surrounded by rummage... I really feel like I am rescuing it.  I can give it a better home!  

I feel like I had to preface myself first before I tell you that last weekend I took my very first taxidermy class!  I did my research and all the rats that we used died naturally at pet stores.  The workshop was held at Salty Not Sweet in Ohio City by Mickey Alice Kwapis of The Detroit Academy of Taxidermy.  I was a little nervous at first and was also kind of regretting eating a huge meal before I had to skin a very cute white rat.  In the end, I really ended up enjoying the process and learning a new skill!  Plus, for my first try at taxidermy, I don't think my rat turned out too bad!  I'll take more pictures in another week or so when Wendy (oh, thats her name by the way ;) can stand up on her own without all those pins holding her in place.

Other recent taxidermy highlights:

The amazing Christmas gift that my fiance gave me of a prim and proper lady mouse dressed to the nines.  Buy yourself something cute from Precious Creature Taxidermy.

The Animatopoeia show at the CSU gallery.  Go to this show if you are in Cleveland, people!  The work is absolutely stunning.  Running January 18 to March 2, 2013.  My favorites were Kate Clark's human antelope hybrids (so creepy, but incredible!) and Beth Cavener Stichter's gorgeous wolf sculpture.  I've been a fan of her work and it was so great to see a piece in person!

Bobbin the 'Queen of the Horribles' making sure I stay on track!

Lastly, I've been working on creating a whole bunch of new creatures!  The holidays were very good to us at 'Horrible Adorables.'  I barely had any stock left going into January!  Look forward to some exciting news and more Horribles in the Etsy shop soon!


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