Friday, July 6, 2012

Fanciful Fantastique

Next weekend I'm having a show with my good friend Adrienne from The Little Sun.  There will be many curious creatures and gorgeous collages up for grabs, accompanied by photographs of both of us in our studios, taken by Scott Meivogel.  I'm really excited to see how this comes together, because although I am very familiar with both of their work, have never seen our things side by side. 

Here is the official show description: 

Fanciful Fantastique: New Work and Other Edens, features the sculptures and works on paper of Cleveland artists Jordan Elise Perme and Adrienne Slane. Inspired by the fantastic and ephemeral quality of curiosity cabinets, the two artists offer their own fantastic and curious creations that could exist in other versions of Eden.

Close friends since their days at The Cleveland Institute of Art, Jordan and Adrienne have turned their own studios into something of curiosity cabinets with collected items such as vintage taxidermy, butterfly specimens, and circus oddities. Their interest in collecting curiosities and nature specimens is reflected in their work.
Jordan creates quirky faux-taxidermy mounts of strange creatures using such materials as foam and wool felt. Soft, colorful creatures such as the Kittacorn and the Horned Pomphin seem to come from a magical world, one that is mostly playful and sweet, but also a little creepy at times. Adrienne creates collages and prints on paper as well as small sculptural works. Her work features fantastical scenes of females, plants, and animals collaged from vintage images and other materials as well as prints and sculptures of animals that are both curious and ephemeral. She creates her own version of Eden filled with things a little different than our everyday world.
The artists invite viewers to enjoy their fanciful creations and let their minds wander to fantastic and curious places.
Please join us at the opening reception July 13, 2012 from 6-9 at Aperture                              2541 Scranton Ave., Cleveland, OH 44113

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