Monday, April 29, 2013

Stitched: A Soft Sculpture and Plush Exhibition

Photo by Lana Crooks
Photo by Lana Crooks
Photo by Lana Crooks
(That's my critter on the left)
Blue Deer by Jezabel Nekranea
Help Friends Make Things:  I'll Hold, You Wind by HinĂ© Mizushima
Race for the Prize by Cat Rabbit

Stitched at Clutter Gallery will be closing May 4th.  This is one show not to be missed.  Even if you cannot make it in person, check out the Clutter website for images of all the pieces in the show and to see what is still available for purchase!  I've posted some pictures of some of my favorites... there are so many incredible works though that I think they are ALL my favorites!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Horrible Adorable Press

When I registered my book, I had to come up with a name for my publishing house.. so here it is!  The logo I created is a variation on my normal 'Horrible Adorables' branding.  Having the special logo just makes it feel so much more official!  Maybe someday the book will be picked up by a REAL publisher ;)

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Horrible Adorables Book

I've been working on writing and illustrating a Horrible Adorables picture book for the past couple months.  It has been hard work perfecting the story line and finding the right 'flow,' but now I am just enjoying breaking out my set of gouache and working on the illustrations.  I have focused so much of my time on creature making for the past few years, that I almost forgot how to paint!  I think I got the hang of it again though.  Hopefully I can finish everything up and get it sent to the printers sometime next week!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Tasty Treat


So excited to see my name alongside the likes of Travis Lampe, Joshua Ben Longo, and Amanda Louise Spayd!

I am excited to announce that one of my creatures is to be included in the incredible soft sculpture exhibit "Stitched."  The show will be held at Clutter Gallery (inside Clutter Magazine's headquarters).  I always enjoy creating work for gallery shows, because I get to make more complex and creative pieces that communicate thoughts that I am unable to convey in my normal work.  The new piece titled 'Tasty Treat' is a continuation of the work I produced for my solo show "Chirps and Chatter" at Art Star last fall.  It was all about exploring interactions between the strange creatures.  I don't feel like I am done exploring this concept, so I am excited when I get the opportunity to revisit it, since so much of my time is dedicated to building stock for craft fairs and fulfilling custom orders.

It is one of my dreams to have my creatures made into a line of vinyl art toys, and since this is what Clutter Magazine is all about... I'm hoping the right person views my work and sees some potential!